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Richard Branson Quotes

Richard Branson quotes talk about his business ideas and how he became successful. He has started many successful ventures and is known for treating … Read More →

Cesar Chavez Quotes

Cesar Chavez quotes speak a lot about the picket line and non violence. He clearly believed that much can be accomplished with peaceful resolutions. … Read More →

Usain Bolt Quotes

Usain Bolt quotes speak in length about athletics and shares many details about his life. He made himself a household name after breaking the 100 … Read More →

Serena Williams Quotes

Serena Williams quotes express her life and desires on and off the tennis court. She has seen many ups and downs in the tennis world but can still be … Read More →

Tiger Woods Quotes

Tiger Woods quotes discuss his life as a golfer and the mistakes he has made and how it affected his family and himself. His quotes are very profound … Read More →

Lionel Messi Quotes

Lionel Messi quotes shares his goals about soccer and his feelings about what is dear to him. He is one of soccer's most prolific players and is … Read More →

LeBron James Quotes

LeBron James quotes talk about his life and his achievements on the basketball court. He talks about success and about the drive to win. He shares … Read More →

Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes

Cristiano Ronaldo quotes talk about his love for football and the journey he has encountered because of the sport. His remarks also mentioned his … Read More →

Kobe Bryant Quotes

Kobe Bryant quotes reflect the life of a man who loved the game and gave it his all. In his remarks he shares many stories of what it is like to be … Read More →

Michael Jordan Quotes

Michael Jordan quotes talk a lot about his favorite love, basketball and his experience playing the game. He talks a bit about his personal life as … Read More →

Kim Kardashian Quotes

Kim Kardashian quotes share her thoughts about love, rumors and what she wants in life. She shares some very in depth thoughts about her goals and … Read More →

Barbara Bush Quotes

Barbara Bush quotes are like a fresh breeze from a nice old lady who talks about her life as a president's wife and a president's mother. She makes … Read More →

John F Kennedy Quotes

John F Kennedy quotes are inspiring and full of wisdom, he is very detailed in his remarks. He wasn't one to keep quiet about how he felt and that may … Read More →

Benjamin Franklin Quotes

Benjamin Franklin quotes are full of wisdom and will leave those who read them quite fascinated. Reading his remarks creates the feeling as though you … Read More →

Carlos Slim Quotes

Carlos Slim quotes talk about business and how he was able to become a successful business magnate. He was investing from the age of twelve years old. … Read More →

Funny Health Quotes

Funny health quotes look at the well being of individuals who find health matters some what funny. It is no secret that anyone who doesn't have good … Read More →

Oprah Winfrey Quotes

Oprah Winfrey quotes share her thoughts about success and how you can achieve anything if you work hard enough. She shares how life was for her as a … Read More →

Funny Singing Quotes

Funny singing quotes are hilarious remarks made by musicians, singers and those who think they know about singing and music. On this page you will … Read More →

Jacqueline Kennedy Quotes

Jacqueline Kennedy quotes talk in great detail about life with her husband before and after his assassination. Her life was one of devastation as her … Read More →

Andrew Jackson Quotes

Andrew Jackson quotes share a vivid look into the life of his life and his views on many issues. He was a soldier in 1800s that led to him becoming a … Read More →

Funny Car Quotes

Funny car quotes are complex remarks about cars and people relating about cars. Over the last century cars have become part of our daily lives and … Read More →

Larry Page Quotes

Larry Page quotes are inspiring and informative as he shares the vision he and his co-founder had for Google. He shares many insights on what a … Read More →

Funny Birthday Quotes

Funny birthday quotes are hilarious remarks about those who have birthdays. Celebrating a birthday is something we all do either by just being alive … Read More →

Harriet Tubman Quotes

Harriet Tubman quotes are an inspiration to all who fought for freedom and who believe that God can bring them through anything. One look at the … Read More →

Funny Senior Quotes

Funny senior quotes are not jokes about old people but actually about those who graduated College and leave a lasting memory. When I first heard about … Read More →

Will Smith Quotes

Will Smith quotes are truly inspirational as he shares some of his life story, his success, fears and intentions. He has come a long way from being a … Read More →

Funny Sleep Quotes

Funny sleep quotes are just that, they are quotes about sleep, whether you can get to sleep or not. If you hate to get up or you hate to go to sleep, … Read More →

Lady Bird Johnson Quotes

Lady Bird Johnson quotes paint a wonderful picture of flowers and the beauty of nature. She loved wildflowers and she loved to talk about them and the … Read More →

Funny Exercise Quotes

Funny exercise quotes talk about the funnier side of what exercising is like for those who don't like to do it. Truly, many people don't like to … Read More →

George Washington Quotes

George Washington quotes talk about politics and he shares a lot of wisdom on how we should treat each other. He believes in being free and that all … Read More →

Funny Cat Quotes

Funny cat quotes will put a smile on your face especially if you are a cat lover. These people come up with some of the most hilarious ways to express … Read More →

Elon Musk Quotes

Elon Musk quotes talk about technology and business strategy, a great place to start if you want to be successful. His quotes talk about being smart … Read More →

Funny Happy Quotes

Funny happy quotes will put a smile on your face, its amazing what some people come up with. These quotes will bring a smile to your face as they are … Read More →

Rosa Parks Quotes

Rosa Parks quotes talks about her experience on a bus that led to her civil rights stand and how it changed her life. The day she was tired physically … Read More →

Funny Work Quotes

Funny work quotes are funny remarks about how some people see work and what they would rather do. We live in a world where everyone needs to work … Read More →

Beyoncé Quotes

Beyoncé quotes talk about her experience as an artist and her life as a mother, she also talks about relationships. She shares her outlook on being … Read More →

Funny Dog Quotes

Funny dog quotes are hilarious quotes people make about dogs and what it would be like if they actually talked. It is no secret that dogs are loved by … Read More →

Nancy Reagan Quotes

Nancy Reagan quotes talk about her life and that of being the first lady to former president Ronald Reagan. She had a high regard for stem cell … Read More →

Funny Food Quotes

Funny food quotes is all about getting a good laugh when it comes to food and the desire for it. Of course it is unwise for anyone to eat too much … Read More →

Malala Yousafzai Quotes

Malala Yousafzai quotes speak in great detail about the struggle she faced as a young girl. She grew up in Pakistan and lived in a culture where girls … Read More →

Funny Life Quotes

Funny life quotes look into how life can be and try to make the best of it, by finding the humor of it all. Life can be tough and what can make it … Read More →

Lady Gaga Quotes

Lady Gaga quotes are filled with her ideology about her art form and how she views music in relation to expressing herself. She talks vividly about … Read More →

Funny Family Quotes

Funny family quotes are about others sharing their stories about their own families and that of others. Some families have a wonderful time laughing … Read More →

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

Thomas Jefferson quotes share a wealth of wisdom and motivating remarks about politics, war and life in regards to your fellow man. He took a strong … Read More →

Funny Money Quotes

Funny money quotes are hilarious as many celebrities and others share their thoughts about money. We all know the world is designed for money to be a … Read More →

Jeff Bezos Quotes

Jeff Bezos quotes are about his love for technology as he invests billions of dollars into aerospace and his company Amazon. His remarks clearly state … Read More →

Funny Love Quotes

Funny love quotes are all about the quirky funny ways that love can make you feel. Many individuals share their own thoughts and experiences from … Read More →

Princess Diana Quotes

Princess Diana quotes showcased a lot about her private life and how she felt as a person among royals. She had a deep affection for her two sons who … Read More →

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Abraham Lincoln quotes tackled slavery and how he felt that it was a crime to mankind. He strongly believed that all men were created equal and as … Read More →

Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Mahatma Gandhi quotes speak tremendously about one's spiritual growth and well being. He spent many years as a lawyer, activists and political … Read More →

Hillary Clinton Quotes

Hillary Clinton quotes cover a wide range of issues that affect her and the country to which she belongs. Despite her failure to become President … Read More →

Mark Zuckerberg Quotes

Mark Zuckerberg quotes have the potential to educate those who may want to follow in his footsteps to be the brains behind the next big thing in the … Read More →

Taylor Swift Quotes

Taylor Swift quotes are like the songs she sings they focus on love and relationships. She has faced many a roller coaster ride when it comes to the … Read More →

Nelson Mandela Quotes

Nelson Mandela quotes are filed with intrigue and hope amid oppression and racism. He was known as the President of South Africa in his later years … Read More →

Bill Clinton Quotes

Bill Clinton quotes are bound up in his life story and many of the experiences he has encountered. He was the first president to be actually impeached … Read More →

Malcolm X Quotes

Malcolm X quotes hit hard at the social framework of America and also at Martin Luther King Jr. who he strongly opposed. These men shared different … Read More →

Melania Trump Quotes

Melania Trump quotes talk about various things, but you will find some interesting facts in them. She talks about her childhood, growing up with her … Read More →

Steve Harvey Quotes

Steve Harvey quotes can be funny and motivational at the same time. He grew up doing comedy and that has served as a spring board for his … Read More →

Steve Jobs Quotes

Steve Jobs quotes are known to challenge the competition on many occasions. Quite a few of them make reference to Microsoft. Those who are into … Read More →

Donald Trump Quotes

Donald Trump quotes have been considered some of the most controversial of them all, but that hasn't slowed him down in any way. He is loved by … Read More →

Bill Gates Quotes

Bill Gates quotes can certainly find a place among those who are into business or looking to become rich. He once held the title for world's richest … Read More →

Warren Buffett Quotes

Warren Buffett quotes are brainy but also gives quite a lot of financial advice. He has a lot to say about trading and business in general. This … Read More →

Michelle Obama Quotes

Michelle Obama quotes are amazing which increases her popularity even more than just being the first African American First Lady. At this very moment … Read More →

Dwayne Johnson Quotes

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson quotes are popular and he is one of the most well known actors and former WWE wrestlers. His life story is one of humble … Read More →

Barack Obama Quotes

Barack Obama has been very influential and over the years as being President of the United States he has racked up some very famous quotes. His … Read More →