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Millard Fillmore Quotes

Millard Fillmore quotes talk about the constitution in regards to religion and the State, about barbecue, slavery, and about freedom related issues. … Read More →

funny winter quotes

Funny Winter Quotes

Funny winter quotes talk about making wintertime a happy time with jokes and quotes. It is tough during winter, some people love that time of the … Read More →

chris rock quotes

Chris Rock Quotes

Chris Rock quotes talk about some serious topics that when you really honestly think about them many are true and hard to deny. His quotes look at … Read More →

Emmeline Pankhurst quotes

Emmeline Pankhurst Quotes

Emmeline Pankhurst quotes talk about her fight as a suffragist and what she said and did to help women have the right to vote and other issues that … Read More →

narendra modi quotes

Narendra Modi Quotes

Narendra Modi quotes talk about his country India and his optimism for the success of that same country which will be clearly seen in his many quotes. … Read More →

babe ruth quotes

Babe Ruth Quotes

Babe Ruth quotes talk about many of the things he said in regard to baseball, whether it was his feats, his desires, or what he thought about the game … Read More →

funny husband quotes

Funny Husband Quotes

Funny husband quotes are a collection of sayings by various individuals that have been compiled for your pleasure and enjoyment. There has long been … Read More →

vin diesel quotes

Vin Diesel Quotes

Vin Diesel quotes talk about the acting industry, his journey to becoming successful, and how difficult it was for him at the beginning of his acting … Read More →

jess jackson quotes

Jesse Jackson Quotes

Jesse Jackson quotes talk about many things but the most significant is the oppression of black people and those who are considered inferior. His … Read More →

david lloyd george quotes

David Lloyd George Quotes

David Lloyd George quotes reveal the thoughts of a man who had a lot to say about many topics that included politics and so much more. To have a great … Read More →

Allen Iverson quotes

Allen Iverson Quotes

Allen Iverson quotes talk about his mindset on the pressure to be like other greats and the emotional side of being a basketball player. In one of his … Read More →

franklin pierce quotes

Franklin Pierce Quotes

Franklin Pierce quotes talk about the constitution, the fruitless war of which he was a soldier and is probably the only President that speaks of … Read More →

funny thanksgiving quotes

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

Funny Thanksgiving quotes are a collection of oneliners by people about eating food and coping with family during Thanksgiving Day. These quotes will … Read More →

johnny depp quotes

Johnny Depp Quotes

Johnny Depp quotes talk about many different topics that he feels strongly about including his acting career and luxurious lifestyle. His quotes share … Read More →

james buchanan quotes

James Buchanan Quotes

James Buchanan quotes talk about his time as president where he discussed the constitution of America and liberty of its citizens. He joined a list of … Read More →

funny rain quotes

Funny Rain Quotes

Funny rain quotes are a compilation of hilarious sayings by a group of individuals who seem to love when it rains a lot. These persons have shared a … Read More →

leonardo dicaprio quotes

Leonardo Di Caprio Quotes

Leonardo Di Caprio quotes talk about his desire as a teenager to become an actor and how the opportunity came and he readied himself for the role. He … Read More →

sam walton quotes

Sam Walton Quotes

Sam Walton quotes talk about his marketing strategy, his outlook on being rich, and how others responded to that knowledge. His quotes share quite a … Read More →

jacinda ardern quotes

Jacinda Ardern Quotes

Jacinda Ardern quotes talk about how she approached the challenges of the terror attack of 2019 and the COVID-19 pandemic that affected her country. … Read More →

pele quotes

Pele Quotes

Pele quotes look at his life as a football player and his thought process regarding how the game should be played and how he became one of the greats. … Read More →

funny hair quotes

Funny Hair Quotes

Funny hair quotes talk about people and their hair issues, how people are amazed by other person's hair, and who should have long on who shouldn't. It … Read More →

mark wahlberg quotes

Mark Wahlberg Quotes

Mark Wahlberg quotes talk about his life as a musician, followed by his life as an actor and about being a father and a producer. He says he has a … Read More →

aristotle onassis quotes

Aristotle Onassis Quotes

Aristotle Onassis quotes talk about his life as a rich businessman and how money is useless without a woman to share it with. His quotes were filled … Read More →

james k polk quotes

James K Polk Quotes

James K Polk quotes talk about the separation of Church and State, the presence of the government of America among other nations, and some of the … Read More →

sachin tendulkar quotes

Sachin Tendulkar Quotes

Sachin Tendulkar quotes talk about his love for cricket, his career, and how he worked his way up to become one of crickets greatest. Tendulkar … Read More →

funny dad quotes

Funny Dad Quotes

Funny dad quotes are about dads and by dads who relive various events in their lives that are so funny we just had to post them here. You will read … Read More →

steven spielberg quotes

Steven Spielberg Quotes

Steven Spielberg quotes talk about his life as a film director and many of the choices he made in that regard it also look at many other issues. He … Read More →

phil knight quotes

Phil Knight Quotes

Phil Knight quotes talk about his success story and how he handled the many challenges he faced and about how he had to fight not quitting. He … Read More →

william mckinley quotes

William McKinley Quotes

William McKinley quotes talks about faith, liberty, government, war, peace, and many other subjects while he was a politician and the President. His … Read More →

justin trudeau quotes

Justin Trudeau Quotes

Justin Trudeau quotes talk about what it was like for him to be the Prime Minister of Canada and the many challenges that come with the job. His … Read More →

james harden quotes

James Harden Quotes

James Harden quotes talk quite a lot about the game of basketball and way less about anything else which could obviously be expected. At times he does … Read More →

martin van buren quotes

Martin Van Buren Quotes

Martin Van Buren quotes talk about the perceptions and pursuits of man who ruled during a time when the country was going through change. He mentioned … Read More →

funny exam quotes

Funny Exam Quotes

Funny exam quotes talk about most students' worst nightmare especially the ones that didn't study and aren't prepared for the test ahead. These quotes … Read More →

Robert Downey Jr Quotes

Robert Downey Jr quotes talk about his life journey towards being a successful actor and his approach to life on and off the stage. His quotes look at … Read More →

isaac newton quotes

Isaac Newton Quotes

Isaac Newton quotes talk about the existence of God and how this fact is very related to true science that allows the mind of men to go beyond the … Read More →

jane fonda quotes

Jane Fonda Quotes

Jane Fonda quotes talk about her life from a child to adulthood, she looks at teen pregnancy and her love to speak with American soldiers. She has a … Read More →

clement attlee quotes

Clement Attlee Quotes

Clement Attlee quotes talk a lot about Winston Churchill, his life as Prime Minister, and the prevailing issues that existed in his day. His … Read More →

caroline harrison quotes

Caroline Harrison Quotes

Caroline Harrison quotes talk about life in the White House, the media, and about women's role in the building of America as a nation. Much isn't … Read More →

benjamin harrison quotes

Benjamin Harrison Quotes

Benjamin Harrison quotes talk about his many views as a presidential race nominee and life as President of the United States of America. He was a firm … Read More →

stephen curry quotes

Stephen Curry Quotes

Stephen Curry quotes talk about his love for the game of basketball, his journey to becoming a player, and his love for drinking water. Yes in many of … Read More →

Tom Hanks Quotes

Tom Hanks quotes talk about movies, his life growing up and what he encountered along the way, did I say movies, yes, and many other topics. He said … Read More →

funny gym quotes

Funny Gym Quotes

Funny gym quotes talk about the funnier side of using the gym, working out, and getting the necessary exercise that the body needs. You would be … Read More →

leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci Quotes

Leonardo da Vinci quotes talk about the thought process of a man who was considered wise beyond the time in which he lived and left his imprint on … Read More →

Mukesh Ambani Quotes

Mukesh Ambani quotes talk about his rise to success, the internet, and his belief regarding what money can and can't accomplish. He shared memories of … Read More →

barbara jordan quotes

Barbara Jordan Quotes

Barbara Jordan quotes talk about government, democracy, and a need for change that will benefit everyone making the nation strong and prosperous. She … Read More →

m s dhoni quotes

M. S. Dhoni Quotes

M. S. Dhoni quotes talk about cricket, representing his country, family, and being a better person whether you are on or off the field. Dhoni is known … Read More →

grover cleveland quotes

Grover Cleveland Quotes

Grover Cleveland quotes talk about God, principles, democracy, people, and governments, which is the theme of many presidents. His remarks make it … Read More →

frances cleveland quotes

Frances Cleveland Quotes

Frances Cleveland quotes are from her life while in the White House and on her way out after her husband President Glover Cleveland lost the election. … Read More →

funny engineering quotes

Funny Engineering Quotes

Funny engineering quotes are a collection of sayings about engineers and engineering that are very hilarious and truly a good read. It is amazing that … Read More →

Hulk Hogan Quotes

Hulk Hogan quotes are a combination of his famous sayings when performing on the various wrestling networks and also beyond the ring. Hulk Hogan was … Read More →

Rupert Murdoch quotes

Rupert Murdoch Quotes

Rupert Murdoch quotes take a look at the business world, internet, immigration, and other troubling topics that he has his own views about. His quotes … Read More →

susan b anthony quotes

Susan B. Anthony Quotes

Susan B. Anthony quotes are cries from a woman who felt that the rights of women were being neglected and more should be done in that regard. She … Read More →

andrew johnson

Andrew Johnson Quotes

Andrew Johnson quotes are a compilation of things he would have said before he was President, while he was president and possibly after that time. He … Read More →

Rachel Hollis quotes

Rachel Hollis Quotes

Rachel Hollis quotes are a compilation of remarks from many of her books that goes against what many consider the norm as it relates to relationships. … Read More →

Funny Team Quotes

Funny team quotes are a compilation of the funniest remarks you might ever read that give a clear idea of what teamwork should be about. Being a team … Read More →

XXXTentacion Quotes

XXXTentacion quotes are a compilation from his lyrics in music and what he said throughout his short musical career. Most of his quotes talk about … Read More →

John Mulaney Quotes

John Mulaney quotes are extremely funny and are a compilation of many of his jokes that have made him popular. Mulaney has made a name for himself … Read More →

Megan Fox Quotes

Megan Fox quotes talk about her mental issues, outlook on being an actress and how she feels about her privacy. She said that winning an oscar would … Read More →

Charles Munger Quotes

Charles Munger quotes talk about how one can become wealthy and the type of mindset you should have for success. One name is repeated often in his … Read More →

Theresa May Quotes

Theresa May quotes talk about her various views as a UK leader and a member of parliament. He remarks look at issues like police, Brexit, immigration, … Read More →

Zachary Taylor Quotes

Zachary Taylor quotes talk about the constitution and war, two of the most prevalent issues during the early years of America as a nation. He was the … Read More →

Funny Sports Quotes

Funny sports quotes talk about some of the extremely funny remarks many persons associated with sports make. Whether the persons saying these things … Read More →

Margaret Taylor Quotes

Margaret Taylor quotes are few but it can certainly be attained that they are all about love and relationship. There are only 3 known quotes from her … Read More →

Oscar Wilde Quotes

Oscar Wilde quotes talk about his views of popular principle and the things he despised due to his lifestyle. He was very famous as a playwright in … Read More →

Tim Cook Quotes

Tim Cook quotes talk about the Apple company and its products and dealing with its competitors. He took over after former Apple co-founder Steve Jobs … Read More →

Ronda Rousey Quotes

Ronda Rousey quotes talk about her experience as a fighter and her views about what it means to be the best. Her quotes mention how she became a … Read More →

Zora Neale Hurston Quotes

Zora Neale Hurston quotes are mostly compilations from her books that reflect her thoughts and art. She did say other things outside of her books but … Read More →

Funny Golf Quotes

Funny golf quotes are expressive remarks by gold players, golf wannabees and those who just have something to say. It is amazing what people can … Read More →

John Tyler Quotes

John Tyler quotes spoke quite a bit about the constitution and what it was like to run the United States in the early years. He felt strongly about … Read More →

Richard Pryor Quotes

Richard Pryor quotes talk about his many relationships, his views on liberty and his love for acting. He started his acting career as a stand-up … Read More →

Jack Dorsey Quotes

Jack Dorsey quotes are based on an in-depth look at Twitter, Square, and other technological breakthroughs. He shared how Twitter became what it is … Read More →

James Baldwin Quotes

James Baldwin quotes consists of the thoughts of a man who spoke out against hatred and how it affected the human race. He was one who talked about … Read More →

Maria Sharapova Quotes

Maria Sharapova quotes are about her love for tennis and how she worked her way up to become a great player. There has been a feud between Serena … Read More →

Boris Johnson Quotes

Boris Johnson quotes are various remarks about many subjects by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It is remarkable that one of his quotes … Read More →

James Monroe Quotes

James Monroe quotes are about the fight to stop Europeans from colonizing America and the diplomacy that followed. He was Secretary of State during … Read More →

Funny Goodbye Quotes

Funny goodbye quotes are all about telling others goodbye, whether we want to or not. Saying goodbye is never easy when it comes to someone you love, … Read More →

Bill Cosby Quotes

Bill Cosby quotes are a compilation of remarks from the man himself. His quotes cover a range of topics and are very funny. Bill Cosby was one of the … Read More →

Meg Whitman Quotes

Meg Whitman quotes are all about business and she mentions California quite a bit and her love for that state. Whitman is a very successful … Read More →

Gloria Steinem Quotes

Gloria Steinem quotes are about her role as a feminist and how she views many issues in the world today. She joins other female activists like Angela … Read More →

Megan Rapinoe Quotes

Megan Rapinoe quotes talk about inequality in many forms and about playing soccer. She was one of the players that were instrumental in the USA … Read More →

Ulysses S Grant Quotes

Ulysses S Grant quotes talk about the war that he fought as a private and eventually became a General and then the US President. He talks about the … Read More →

Funny Hiking Quotes

Funny hiking quotes share the joys of walking in nature, hiking glorious trails and conquering mountains. The only better than a great hike is … Read More →

Indra Nooyi Quotes

Indra Nooyi quotes share her experience of moving from India to America and what it was like running PepsiCo. She is listed among the most powerful … Read More →

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Quotes

Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes display a man who has a very huge ego and beams with confidence. His quotes clearly reveal someone who considers himself the … Read More →

Woodrow Wilson Quotes

Woodrow Wilson quotes talk about religion, politics and many other issues that bothered him during his presidency. He was also the President who led … Read More →

Funny Horse Quotes

Funny horse quotes share many humorous remarks about horses, whether its riding or just caring for them. It amazes me how many funny quotes they are … Read More →

Angelina Jolie Quotes

Angelina Jolie quotes are about her life growing up with her family and being an actress. She shares many thoughts about how she felt growing up as a … Read More →

Sundar Pichai Quotes

Sundar Pichai quotes talk in great detail about Google and its many initiatives that they are proud of. Pichai took over the company as Larry Page and … Read More →

Langston Hughes Quotes

Langston Hughes quotes are very poetic in origin and deal with life experiences. Despite being actively involved in the rights of others, his quotes … Read More →

John Quincy Adams Quotes

John Quincy Adams quotes are from a man who was considered a very spiritual man. He was known for his great input into the forming of foreign policy. … Read More →

Funny Fishing Quotes

Funny Fishing quotes are about the subject of fish and the experience of fishing or wanting to fish. Anything that can be made fun is being made so. … Read More →

Tina Fey Quotes

Tina Fey quotes are hilarious, controversial and sometimes she says things that are better left unsaid. She talks about pretty much, anything. She can … Read More →

Benjamin Graham Quotes

Benjamin Graham quotes showcase his views on the financial system, and how the stock market works. Graham quotes are considered of great value and he … Read More →

W. E. B. Du Bois Quotes

W. E. B. Du Bois quotes to a look at the life of the black people during the days of slavery and after it was abolished. He also talked about religion … Read More →

Tom Brady Quotes

Tom Brady quotes are about the life and thoughts of one of American football's greatest quarterbacks. He talks about his love for training and how it … Read More →

Calvin Coolidge Quotes

Calvin Coolidge quotes are focused on the political atmosphere of his day, a time when America was about to face a season of financial distress. It … Read More →

Funny Baby Quotes

Funny Baby quotes are about parent's hilarious remarks about caring for babies and toddlers. Raising babies isn't any joke as many of those who quoted … Read More →

Sophia Loren Quotes

Sophia Loren quotes talk about her and what she thinks about life and love to do. Her quotes are more focused on her body and she loves spaghetti. … Read More →

Peter Lynch Quotes

Peter Lynch quotes share extensive knowledge on stock trading, when to buy, what to buy and a number of other ideas. He has made millions of dollars … Read More →

Desmond Tutu Quotes

Desmond Tutu quotes look at social life in Africa and how it was important for people to be more forgiving towards each other. He joins other activist … Read More →

Margaret Thatcher Quotes

Margaret Thatcher quotes portray a woman who was very popular for her strength and no-nonsense approach. She was well known as the "Iron Lady" due to … Read More →

Herbert Hoover Quotes

Herbert Hoover quotes talk about life as a politician and the President of America. He was President during the time when the Great Depression was … Read More →

Diego Maradona Quotes

Diego Maradona quotes are about his experiences as a soccer player and how he feels about who is considered the greatest player ever. In his quotes he … Read More →

Funny Thank You Quotes

Funny thank you quotes are full of sarcasm and some genuine thank you remarks, but its all about funny. Many of us can relate to some of these quotes, … Read More →

Eddie Murphy Quotes

Eddie Murphy quotes talk a lot about showbiz and how he considers himself a really good actor. He talks a lot about music especially in his acting, … Read More →

Abigail Johnson Quotes

Abigail Johnson quotes are all about business investments and her interest in cryptocurrency as the future. She talks about the issues you can face at … Read More →

George Orwell Quotes

George Orwell quotes speak significantly about war, writing and the catholic religion at times. He had issues with Nationalism and other social … Read More →

Kevin Durant Quotes

Kevin Durant quotes share his thoughts on his journey to becoming one of the best players in the NBA. He has been a player since 2007 and has … Read More →

Dwight Eisenhower Quotes

Dwight Eisenhower quotes talk about his presidency, war and a host of issues that America faced. He was a a five-star general during the second world … Read More →

Funny Marriage Quotes

Funny Marriage quotes reflect on the ups and downs of marriage life and how funny such a subject could be. Many times women blame the and the men the … Read More →

Britney Spears Quotes

Britney Spears quotes are about her personal life, music, her love of traveling and many other things. Spears said that she is happy to be a mother … Read More →

Marcus Garvey Quotes

Marcus Garvey quotes showcase the thoughts of a man who loved mankind and fought for the rights of his people. He was someone who trusted in God and … Read More →

Gerald Ford Quotes

Gerald Ford quotes share the deep thoughts of a man who believed in morality and felt one should always be honest. When he became President of the … Read More →

Funny Morning Quotes

Funny morning quotes are hilarious ways of expressing feelings about morning time and the struggle to cope. It is truly funny and amazing how hard … Read More →

Selena Gómez Quotes

Selena Gómez quotes share her life experience, how she feels about music and she talks a lot about relationships. She talks about not having many … Read More →

George Soros Quotes

George Soros quotes talk about various financial strategies and theories and about other difficult subjects. He speaks often in a way that is hard for … Read More →

Jane Addams Quotes

Jane Addams quotes touch on freedom and care for humanity, as an activist she had the livelihood of others at heart. Her remarks are proof of a woman … Read More →

George W. Bush Quotes

George W. Bush quotes may be full of humor, yet as President he saw America through a turbulent season. Many may laugh at what he said on many … Read More →

Simone Biles Quotes

Simone Biles quotes are all about her story of becoming a gymnastic's superstar and the road to her success. Biles shares a lot about how she prepares … Read More →

Funny Mom Quotes

Funny Mom quotes are hilarious quotes by celebrity moms and about moms in general. Raising kids is no joke but has its funny moments nevertheless. … Read More →

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes

Theodore Roosevelt quotes talk about politics and he loved writing which is evident in the remarks he made. He spoke as one who had been endowed with … Read More →

Mariah Carey Quotes

Mariah Carey quotes talk about her singing career, life growing up and how she vies herself as a person. She took the world by storm in the 1990s and … Read More →

Larry Ellison Quotes

Larry Ellison quotes are all about business, his own and that of his competitors as he shares a wealth of knowledge. He talks about former competitors … Read More →

Anne Frank Quotes

Anne Frank quotes are about the life of someone who loved to write from very young and was wise beyond her years. She had a love for God, others and … Read More →

Alex Morgan Quotes

Alex Morgan quotes discuss her love for soccer and being a role model to young girls and pushing for gender equality. She is among many team mates who … Read More →

Funny Friday Quotes

Funny Friday quotes talk about how many love to see Friday come but are sad to see it go. Everyone loves it when Friday is approaching or has come, … Read More →

Denzel Washington Quotes

Denzel Washington quotes share his thoughts about acting, his life growing up and views as an actor. He shared some very intimate times growing up as … Read More →

Vincent Van Gogh Quotes

Vincent Van Gogh quotes portray the life of a man who loved to paint and who wrote so much about love. He was a man who believed in loving others, he … Read More →

Harry Truman Quotes

Harry Truman quotes talk about his life as American President and the many issues that come with such an office. He called former President Richard … Read More →

Novak Djokovic Quotes

Novak Djokovic quotes talk about tennis, his love for the game, his life at home and other sports he likes. He spoke about how his parents lived and … Read More →

Funny Cooking Quotes

Funny Cooking quotes talk about life in the kitchen, making delicious recipes and having a good time. For many life was and remains fun in the kitchen … Read More →

John Adams Quotes

John Adams quotes resound from a man who loved to read and who shared many deep thoughts about what he observed. His quotes looked at politics, the … Read More →

Abigail Adams Quotes

Abigail Adams quotes share her desire to see women treated better and her view on politics and other affairs. She felt wrote many letters and found … Read More →

Kevin Hart Quotes

Kevin Hart quotes share his thoughts on stand up comedy and being an actor in many movies. He also talks about owning his own production company and … Read More →

J. P. Morgan Quotes

J. P. Morgan quotes talk about his business practices and how he was able to be one of the richest men in his day. He had what many would consider as … Read More →

Frederick Douglass Quotes

Frederick Douglass quotes speaks about his life as a slave before and after his escape and his faith in God. He later became a strong fighter for the … Read More →

Virat Kohli Quotes

Virat Kohli quotes share his views and love for cricket and he surprisingly has a love for soccer. In his quotes he talks about Lionel Messi and … Read More →

Pat Nixon Quotes

Pat Nixon quotes share a common theme among many First Ladies of anguish and the pressure of being a President's wife. Her life was one of trial and … Read More →

Richard Nixon Quotes

Richard Nixon quotes share many details about his struggle with the Watergate controversy and his resignation. This was a very trying time for him and … Read More →

Neymar Quotes

Neymar quotes talk about soccer and his love for the ball, he also talks about his journey to reach the top. His quotes speak a lot about Lionel Messi … Read More →

Mary Todd Lincoln Quotes

Mary Todd Lincoln quotes share vivid moments in her life that caused her much grief and pain. It was clear that many First Ladies have had a rough … Read More →

Funny Cousin Quotes

Funny Cousin quotes are hilarious remarks about growing up together as part of a family and even being best friends. Cousins are great family members … Read More →

Katy Perry Quotes

Katy Perry quotes talk about her life growing up with family and about what she loves to do as a singer. She was the most popular singer in the U.S. … Read More →

Ernest Hemingway Quotes

Ernest Hemingway quotes talk surprisingly a lot about war and also about writing something he did well. He lived during two world wars so its not … Read More →

Winston Churchill Quotes

Winston Churchill quotes talk about politics, war his personal life and a range of other topics about life. He was very adamant about never giving up … Read More →

Ruby Bridges Quotes

Ruby Bridges quotes speak a lot about racism and her faith in God and prayer. In so many of her quotes she talk about racism and how innocent children … Read More →

David Beckham Quotes

David Beckham quotes talk about his soccer experiences and about his life growing up with his parents. Beckham was a household name for many years as … Read More →

Jimmy Carter Quotes

Jimmy Carter quotes cover his Christian faith, religion and deep political issues. He was very vocal about not putting pressure on other religions … Read More →

Funny Celebrity Quotes

Funny Celebrity quotes are a hilarious set of quotes from many different celebrities that are full of humor and sometimes weird. You will finds quotes … Read More →

Rachel Jackson Quotes

Rachel Jackson quotes talk about the youth and about doing God's bidding. Her quotes are very few, but enough to paint a reasonable picture of what … Read More →

Brad Pitt Quotes

Brad Pitt quotes share his love and experiences of acting and about his childhood as well. You may be surprised to know that he loved to be a father … Read More →

Jennifer Lopez Quotes

Jennifer Lopez quotes share some of her most intimate thoughts about being loved and learning to love. She talks about her life growing up as a young … Read More →

Andrew Carnegie Quotes

Andrew Carnegie quotes are profound in many ways and are reminiscent of a proverb like saying. He was a very successful business man and shared a host … Read More →

Ella Baker Quotes

Ella Baker quotes take a deep look at what black people faced as they tried to rise above oppression. She was very vocal about what was going on in … Read More →

Lyndon B Johnson Quotes

Lyndon B Johnson quotes cover an array of issues that include governance and the Vietnam war. He was the very conscious of his wife Lady Bird Johnson … Read More →

Muhammad Ali Quotes

Muhammad Ali quotes reveal a man who was very boastful, yet talented and who had a problem with racism among other things. He talked about God and he … Read More →

Martha Washington Quotes

Martha Washington quotes are few and they mostly talk about learning to be content regardless of your situation. Just from reading her quotes one can … Read More →

Funny Friendship Quotes

Funny friendship quotes talk about friends who are like no other and will do strange things for their friendship. These quotes are so very funny, you … Read More →

Jennifer Aniston Quotes

Jennifer Aniston quotes talk about love, relationships, acting and other intimate areas in her life. She shares quite a few details that reveal many … Read More →

Henry Ford Quotes

Henry Ford quotes talk about his views on business and how he viewed many issues that existed in his day. He talked about money and its sometimes … Read More →

Dorothy Day Quotes

Dorothy Day quotes express her desire to serve God and see the world more Christ like. Her quotes express her desire to see a more loving world. She … Read More →

Rafael Nadal Quotes

Rafael Nadal quotes talk about tennis a sport he loves and some intimate details about his personal life. He talks about a sport he holds dear to his … Read More →

Funny Chocolate Quotes

Funny chocolate quotes talk about chocolate and how living without it just won't work. The quotes are funny indeed and those who talk about chocolate … Read More →

Dolly Madison Quotes

Dolly Madison quotes talk about a time of trial and fear as war raged around her. She lived during a time when she saw the White House in Washington … Read More →

Rihanna Quotes

Rihanna quotes talk about music but it talks way more about her life, past and present. Her quotes mention her views on relationships and growing up … Read More →

Mark Cuban Quotes

Mark Cuban quotes are mainly focused on business, but he does mention other aspects of life. He shares his ideas on politics, kids and TV use and … Read More →

Angela Davis Quotes

Angela Davis quotes touch on many controversial topics but the prison system stood out the most. It was clear she wasn't happy with the way the system … Read More →

James Madison Quotes

James Madison quotes look at religious and civil liberty along with a deep look into American politics. From reading his quotes one can clearly see … Read More →

Michael Phelps Quotes

Michael Phelps quotes take a deep look into the world of swimming and his life during and after he retired. Michael Phelps is recognized as the most … Read More →

Funny Cleaning Quotes

Funny cleaning quotes are funny remarks by people who hate to clean and consider it a nuisance. The quotes on this page will make it seem that they … Read More →

Betty Ford Quotes

Betty Ford quotes talk about alcohol use and being outspoken among other things. She believed that women had the right to speak and have the same … Read More →

Ariana Grande Quotes

Ariana Grande quotes talk about some of the things she encountered in her life. She started off in the film industry doing Broadway musical 13 and … Read More →

Jack Ma Quotes

Jack Ma quotes share a host of ideas about business and his outlook on life. He talks about the founding if Alibaba and what it took to get there. He … Read More →

Maya Angelou Quotes

Maya Angelou quotes are about life and cover many things she thought important. Her life is one of hard work and success. Many times she credits her … Read More →

Roger Federer Quotes

Roger Federer quotes share in a great detail his love for tennis and his journey to becoming one of the best. His quotes also share a bit of his … Read More →

Ronald Reagan Quotes

Ronald Reagan quotes touch quite a lot on the role of government and other issues that disturbed him. It seemed somewhat of a contradiction that a … Read More →

Funny Soccer Quotes

Funny soccer quotes are so hilarious and they make you wonder what the person was thinking at the time. Some of the names of individuals that are … Read More →

Rosalynn Carter Quotes

Rosalynn Carter quotes talk quite a bit about mental health and how it affects many in society. Her quotes also look at politics but one can easily … Read More →

Ellen Degeneres Quotes

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